Sunday, February 22, 2009


Have you seen the TRUE effects of the recession on the economy? If not, than I'll let you escape from your fantasy to reality. Reality is that there are VERY few jobs and many losing jobs as we wait around for some type of government aid. Ha! I laugh at those naive people who thinks things are okay the way former President Bush left our economy. Why is it that we have people holding their homes hostage or pleading with their electric company to keep the lights on another week until they get a check...? What a sad thing happening in this oh so great country we call America. People all over the world needs help and there has been NONE so far. As a recent college graduate with my B. S. of Public Relations and holding an A. A. in Business Administration/Econ, I've seen these hardships first hand through friends and family. I've been in search for a good job for some time now and never have I had any worthy company give me an opportunity worth my while. When will we as Americans get a chance for success. I have an extensive resume, so that makes me either "over" qualified or "underqualified" for jobs. In many cases, I am over qualified. I think it's merely BS that not even the city has any job opportunities available. As the older generation destroy's our furture for us, our children, their children and so on we are left to wonder what quality life will we all have...? Help us Mr. President we need jobs!


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