Friday, November 21, 2008

Wachovia and The Groundswell

Using the Groundswells has become an increasingly growing tool for corporate companies. The Groundswell is something that many companies are adopting. What is it? The groundswell encourages the use of social media networks in order to get more feedback and to see what people are saying about your company. In this generation, Social media has become a part of our everyday lives.

My fortune 500 company choice was Wachovia and in order to examine to what extent they are engaging in the use of the groundswell…I hit the web! Immediately, I search Google for “Wachovia twitter” and up pops the Wachovia Company via twitter! Surprised? I think not! Twitter also includes a list of Companies that uses social media and those that do not at the following link:

It seems that the Twittering Fortune companies can be measured using a couple of categories that I've created based on how active they are or aren't.
Regular and Active: those that are using Twitter regularly and are engaging with others, or Irregular and Inactive those that have acquired the name of the company and aren’t sure of the uses of social media via Twitter and has little engagement with others. The process of figuring out the best way the groundswell can benefit them takes some research and there is a WRONG way to engage in Social Media.

To “successfully” use twitter - I’ll define what success means to me for using twitter. It's posting as often as possible in quicktime to a ample audience[a few hundred or more is expected]. Additionally collecting and responding to feedback using your Twitter Account measures your success.

Wachovia engages with their audiences on twitter, Blogs, myspace and other networks. I'd have to say that Wachovia is getting use to the Social Media and how it's important to participate with the audiences watching you. As a current account holder at Wachovia and an active person in social media I am always looking for news about the company...especially since they are in the midst of a transition. I'd recommend that Wachovia continues the use of the groundswell due to the technology trend of social media. It's engaging and always good to recieve feedback,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Up til’ Dawn’s “Write for a Bit”

Awareness week for Up til’ Dawn consists of one theme each on a different day with different events starting Tuesday until Friday.Up ‘til Dawn is a student organization at Georgia Southern University with the goals of raising money and awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

“The purpose is to raise awareness about St. Jude’s through fundraising,” said 23-year-old Team Coordinator, Joey Tripp. “We do this through St. Jude’s solicitors,” he said.

St. Jude provides a prewritten letter and all that is required is that you fill out the information and anyone who knows someone that may help donate is mailed the letter. More so, there is no obligation to donate.

“There are definitely benefits for the children of St. Jude Children Research Center,” said Tripp. “All the money raised goes to St. Jude’s which supports the family and children which includes treatment, a place to stay and other costs that they may accumulate,” he said.

According to the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement, students can become involved in a variety of volunteer and leadership activities on campus through this department.

If I must add, this is a great opportunity for students to give back to the community and I would encourage everyone to participate in these activities to increase awareness.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Media Relations & Public Relations

New sources of media are becoming more popular in this day and age for the influencers of social media. For instance, You, "joe the plumber", and me are potential influences for the media content for the world. According to PRSA 2008 New Influences of Social Media Marketing, we are all able to report, publish, comment and create content and distribute it among mainstream media. The content of this blog expresses the declining nature of the traditional media. I believe this to be true due to the nature of my surroundings. For instance, more companies, organizations and etc are turning to the social media to rely on conveying messages through social media networks. The author suggests 10 secrets from Paul Gillin author of the New Influences of Social Media. As PR professials, understanding how people are a influencer of media marketing and will become more successful in our marketing and media strategies.

"1-Don't fear negativity.
Except criticism even if it's negative! Admtitting to your mistakes is best.
2-Start with the goal not the tool.
Inform and show your product through the best tools possible. Tools for conveying your message: "podcasts & online videos, blogs & etc)
3-Embrace niche markets.
Those spenders who are knowledgeable, engaging, responsive, and helpful are key to your product.
4-Empower your people to speak for your company.
Give your employees the chance to speak for your organization so they are able to inform others about your company.
5-Master Search.
Know how to search for your companies reputation through search engines.
6-Think like a publisher.
Spread your brand through online sources such as Twiiter, blog posts, RSS feeds and etc.
7-Ditch the 13 week campaign.
Social media lasts longer than campaigns ad allows you to see what people are talking about with your brand.
8-Don't be afraid to try something new.
Change how you usually approach things.
9-Use it straight.
Take your feedback and utilize it.
10-Give to get."
Asking for their needs ad wants may help you build what's important.

These tips are reasonable and will enable a company to succeed and figure out what's important to you as an influencer. If you rely on this tips you will help your company and brand. Additionally, the blog Strategic Public Relation focuses on the public relations strategy within integgrated marketing communications. (Kevin Dugan; July 2002.) This blog talks about how public relations professionals should tap in technology to pitch to a larger mass of people. Isn't that what we as PR practionioners have help influence with in the markets? Incresing search engine relevance as it increases audience engagement is the key idea for social media.

Conclusively, both articles conclude that using social media is a great tool for tracking your popularity and to seek what people conceive your product as. I think this is useful for companies to explore in order to find the answers that they need. Moreso, feedback is the result companies were looking for from their customers.
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