Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Personal Response to Die! Press release! Die!Die!Die!

The bluntness of Tom Foremski's opinion of the Press release and his suggestions were a little shocking. I've always heard alot of criticisms of the PR industry and I've just thought it was because of the behind the scenes role the industry would play in media messages. Although I think the PR world is slowly making changes to the way they send press releases, I don't think it's that imperative to change things so quickly. The "top spin" press releases send out are to catch the attention of the journalists and therefore, they need to be convincing. I also feel that he is making the "spin or angle" seem like a competition between PR professionals and journalists. Furthermore, I think he suggests that the press release should be more informational however, i think if they are interested in the story than they would further investigate the press release to see if they'd like to cover it.

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