Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Article Review


I was recently was asked by my Corporate P R professor to review an article on public relations and to express what I’ve learned from the article that I read. In my case, I’m happy that I stumbled upon this particular article that stresses the importance of being socially responsible. In public relations, we are taught that in the beginning all you have is your word…your words are your credibility and shows people who you are or what people will think of you. With that being certain, the article talks about the importance of having a public relation practitioner in your corporations that stress that relationships of "corporate citizenship" in relation to all of its constituencies (Bovet, Fry; 1994). Also, the article talked about that in order for us practitioners to earn our seats at corporate tables we have to start informing corporations of the importance of being socially responsible. Socially responsible for their actions financially, developmentally, and so forth. Furthermore, it will become more common for public relations practitioners to actively engage in corporate decisions to ensure that the company maintains it’s relationships weather it’s between its stock holders, investors or customers(Bovet, Fry; 1994). All these entities of a corporation will be valuable and for the companies to miss the importance they will see what it is to maintain and secure the business. This article stays on the mainstream problems of companies whether it is environmental issues or internal. These issues become more aware within the environment and those who deem them important, however if a company has created a problem they must address them to save face.
The most shocking thing in this article for me to read was how public relations professionals have to “earn” our spots at the corporate table. In my opinion, public relation professionals and practitioners are key for businesses, especially in their research and development department. I’ve recently, realized the image “we” P R people have gained…and I disagree with the “spin doctor” term. Most companies are only somewhat concerned with the attitudes and problems their publics or potential publics have, however in public relations I’ve learned that “this” profession is key to success. I’m more shocked with how P R practitioner’s are always accused of being “whiners” when in fact that our part is to help inform and maintain key messages. Understanding those messages is key to success with publics within a company.
Furthermore, I want to learn more about how other professionals view the current public relation field and how we relate to various other fields of professionals. Knowing this will help me feel more comfortable gaining entrance into the public relations field and ensure me that me as a P R practitioner I have a place in the corporate world. Also, this could be related to the Wachovia Company that I’ve chosen for my fortune 500 company, in the event of being socially responsible for their actions. Also, how the company relates to the public with the current change in ownership will be vital to it’s current clients and potential clients.

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