Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Drug Culture-Colombia

-- The effectiveness of the multibilliondollar U.S. anti-drug campaign in Colombia is being questioned by many. People want to know if this fight on drugs in Colombia is worth the U.S. dollars. The U.S.-Colombia strategy, which targets cocaine production at its source, is aimed at reducing supply and driving up prices and thereby discouraging consumption in the United States according to

Colombia's Problems:
*Drug trafficking
*Coca Cultivating
*Colombia’s role in the international drug trade has shifted from a grower/exporter of marijuana in the 1970s to a processor/shipper of cocaine in the 1980s to a major grower/processor/transshipper of coca and heroin today. (

--The mainthreats to the environment are deforestation caused by clearingthe fields for cultivation, soil erosion caused by severalfactors, and chemical pollution from insecticides and fertilizers.

--Additionally, the process of converting coca andpoppy into cocaine and heroine has adverse effects on theenvironment as well.
If there is no progress in Colombia's Drug War, why should we continue to spend U.S. dollars on a growing war that could go towards the U.S. education system, Social Security, and Health Care?

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