Thursday, February 14, 2008

Killing, an Honor?

When you hear about people killing, it's unlikely they think it's an honor. However, the reality is many muslim countries participate in honor killings. An honor killing is almost exclusively associated with the killing of females by close family members with the aim of undoing the dishonor upon the family name caused by offensive behavior. Chiefly in terms of sexual immodesty, including adultery, refusal to accept arranged marriage, being a victim of rape. If victims are male, then the male is likely to be the family of the woman with whom the victim is accused of having a relationship. Unfortunately, sons, fathers and male family are often forced to rape their own mothers, sisters, and daughters as a form of punishment. Today, their are organizations that are trying to improve the life of women, and little girls in middle eastern countries. The murder of females in the Middle East is an ancient tradition. Prior to the arrival of Islam in AD 622, Arabs occasionally buried infant daughters to avoid the possibility that they would later bring shame to the family. Many women are killed and buried in unmarked graves and along with their untimely death... their very existence is removed from the community and records. The fact that so many murders go unreported is a strong indication of the status of women and the role of culture in fundamentalist Islamic countries.

Below is a video that gives a better insight!

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