Thursday, February 28, 2008

Women as Suicide Bombers

Today, it is not uncommon for women to be the front of terror. The first female suicide bomber in the Palestinian -Israeli conflict was Wafa Idris. Middle Eastern terrorists are using suicide bombers more commonly today because they are inexpensive, lrequire little to no technology, and a low risk weapon loss. The success of suicide bombers depends on the tactic used and the vulnerablilty of their targets. It's easy to be fooled by these women bombers because they can impersonate a pregnant woman, or a victim of the Palestine/Israeli conflict, in which many soldiers lose their lives.

Suicide bombers are said to believe that God sends them on their missions, and by the time they are ready to be stopped with explosives, they had reached a hypnotic state.

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Whereas, it is stated that suicide is in fact forbidden in Islam.

Fighting oppression is commendable, harming innocent bystanders, even in times of war, was forbidden by the prophet Muhammad.


Lastly, suicide bombers are never justified in their actions. Most suicide bombers are said to have been affluent, well educated and from middle class backgrounds and not motivated by psychological imbalance but by the foreign policies of the countries they attack. The women who give their lives to support an unjust cause will have to suffer for thier actions. Some of these women do this to bring back dignity and honor upon thier families in the conflict.

Below is a link to a video that shows how unjust these acts are: (Material may be innappropriate)
This 1st video is about 6:58mins long


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