Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sierra Leone Diamond Conflict

The "Blood Diamond" conflict has been an ongoing concern for Sierra Leone and opposing countries. The conflict in Sierra Leone has children working in dimly lit mine shafts working countless hours...ALL just for a piece of carbon that will be worth and mean nothing to them. People have been raped, had limbs amputated and permanently scarred due to rebel groups mainly the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). The RUF has become tainted by those just seeking a profit for diamonds regardless the cost...Even if that cost is a LIFE.

As a global citizen is it not the responsiblilty of All countries to place some effort to save humanity for the innocent?...Several celebrities have made an effort for this world issue to become known. Fo instance, rapper Kanye West wrote in his song about how the diamonds he has shine, but do we know what happened to the innocent lives for this luxury. Additionally, the movie Blood Diamond -starring Leonardo DiCaprio was made and perfectly depicts the true reality of conflict diamonds.

Kanye's Video:

Blood Diamond:

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