Monday, March 10, 2008 International Danger?

Technology has played an important role in the increasing problem of children being exploited. Specifically, the internet has become an excess median to the manipulation of children by internet prowlers.Internet technology has offered essential tools of help and obstruction. However, the internet has supplied internet prowlers with the infinite chance to commit crimes. Internet exploitation seems to be abundant in current news reporting involving pedophiles and internet prowlers using the internet as entry to innocent victims. Sexual exploitation of children is continuing throughout the world. The methods perpetrators are using to exploit children have become immense. The magnitude of commercial sexual exploitation of children is unknown, however both sexes are exploited, but majority are girls. ABRAPIA, a non-government organization for childhood and youth protection has operated a toll-free national reporting line of more than 5000 reported cases; 63% were of sexual abuse, 37% of sexual exploitation, (70% child prostitution, 25% internet-related, and 3% sex tourism)

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