Thursday, March 27, 2008

Abortion in Mexico

As an American, we take it as a "right" for women to abort thier fetus for valid or non-valid reasons. However, in Mexico it's a crime for women to have an abortion and they are prosecuted for it. Whether you are pro-choice or not...every individual should have a say when it comes to their body and it's physical being.

  • The Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) published a study estimating that approximately half a million girls and women undergo abortion (both legal and illegal) every year in Mexico.

Furthermore, the right to abort a fetus always have some exceptions: In the case of a rape for instance.

Waiving the penalty for abortion are: (

the abortion is the result of negligent behavior on the part of the pregnant woman (valid in twenty-nine states);
  • to save the life of the pregnant woman (valid in twenty-seven states);

  • the fetus has serious genetic malformations (valid in thirteen states);

  • to protect the health of the pregnant woman (valid in ten states);

  • the pregnancy is the result of non-consensual artificial insemination (valid in eleven states); and

  • where the woman already has three other children, for economic reasons (valid only in Yucat√°n).

  • Although these may seem fair for this circumstances other women are being prosecuted for something that is a liberty in other nations. TheCatholic church has also had a major influence on the abortion laws in Mexico.

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