Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rwanda: Genocide

Genocide Facts:

a) The total number of people killed has never been systematically assessed, but most experts believe the total was around 800,000 people.
b) The genocide in the tiny Central African country of Rwanda was one of the most intensive killing campaigns -- possibly the most intensive -- in human history.
c) The involvement of women in the genocide and murder of Hutu political opponents failed to attract national and international attention, precisely because of the construction of women as the universal victims of that particular catastrophe." (Lentin, "Introduction," pp. 12-13.)
d) A substantial number of women, and even girls, were involved in the slaughter in countless ways, inflicting extraordinary cruelty on other women, as well as children and men.
e) In Rwanda itself, some 120,000 people were jailed on allegations of participation in the genocide, and thousands died in the brutal and unsanitary conditions of the jails.
f) In September 1998, the Tribunal issued its first conviction on charges of genocide, against the former mayor of the Rwandan town of Taba, Jean-Paul Akayesu
SOURCE: Jones, Adam. "Case Study: Genocide in Rwanda." Genocide Watch. 1994. 11 Feb. 2008

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