Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Orphaned by AIDS...

There is a world where orphaned children have to live on the streets and fend for themselves...That is THIS world today. The tragedy of the HIV/AIDS epidemic has been continuously increasing the media's attention of one the most troubling aspects of the AIDS epidemic:the long-term impact on sub-Saharan African societies. Over 12 million children in sub-Saharan Africa have been orphaned by AIDS. Leaving some to live with elderly grandparents or relatives and others have been taken in by neighbors or to live on the streets in child run households.

* The overall situation has reached alarming proportions also because women have moved from the periphery to the epicentre of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa:

* Averaging over 55% of all people living with HIV/AIDS, girls and women are disproportionately affected.

Although the efforts to stop this outbreak is immense. The Spread of AIDS is faster than our efforts!

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