Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hunger in Africa

The chain of hunger in sub-Saharan Africa starts and ends with poverty. Poverty is the incapability to grow or purchase food which causes malnutrition and poor health, later resulting in the inability to earn income and to move deeper into poverty.

It is estimated that one in three people in Africa are currently undernourished.
Initiative to End Hunger in Africa (IEHA) is a multi-year effort to help fulfill the Millennium Development Goal of reducing the number of hungry people on the continent in half by 2015. IEHA is taking steps to decrease Africa’s dependence on food aid by almost $2.6 billion by the year 2015, and is helping to lay the foundation for sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction on the continent. The initiative focuses on promoting agricultural growth and building an African-led partnership to cut hunger and poverty. The primary objective of the initiative is to rapidly and sustainably increase agricultural growth and rural incomes in sub-Saharan Africa. (http://www.state.gov/g/oes/rls/fs/2003/18796.htm)

Although, we, as global citizens hosts canned good drives and collection of non-perishable items there are many that are suffering from hunger. With the amount of wastes the USA of food has in a year, we could feed many of the dying suffering from malnutrition and starvation in Africa.
As a global citizen...couldn't we as humans lower this problem of famine.?


Sunflower said...

Where did you get the striking photo? I'd like to use it also, if I can get permission. Thx.

Sunflower said...

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My name is Stephanie Morris and I work for a non-profit organization. We would love to use the photo for a portion of the cover of our November/December 2008 issue of Horizons Magazine. Our print run is 20,000. Please email me with your response at stephanie.morris@pcusa.org