Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Social Media Policy

[A Standard for Social Media]

1. Connecting: [Before I connect, Introduce]. My name is Rena Heard and I'm currently a Public Relations major @ Georgia Southern University who is expected to graduate 12th of Dec 2008. I want to connect to others for professional as well as educational purposes that would help advance me in the Public Relations field as well as others.
[I require an introduction from those who would like to follow me. As well as, the reason they would like to connect and what they hope to gain from connecting]

2. Follow, add, friend: [Know who is following you and who you are following]
[My policy for friending is to follow with the intent to connect and gain useful information. You may add me to follow you, however I only reciprocate a follow or add if their is a posssible benefit of being more informed about a particular subject]

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: [Set your limitations]
[My boundaries vary depending on the relation in which I share with others. For friends and family, I allow for them to have more access to my personal life, rather than my coworkers and employers. I prefer that my family/friends access is more open access to my information than those i place into my coworkers and employer...this access is closed or limited because my business and personal life are two separate entities]

4. Signal to noise: [STOP...are you disregarding what I prefer?]
[I seek those interested in all social media experience. Nothing is off limits. However, I am more likely to disconnect to those who ramble about useless information and constant updates with no beneficial information.]

5. Personal data and sharing: [I share. You share.]
[I keep my most personal data for me. I'm looking to connect according to those who share the same or like interests and similar or related professional goals. Personal information is private]

6. My networking needs and uses: [Distinguish the uses for all of your social media outlets]
[MyFacebook and MySpace is primarily uses for connecting with my college friends and family only. However, my Linkedin, Twitter, careerbuilder account are mainly for professional uses.
Facebook: Network with friends, family, college associates
MySpace: Network with family and friends, however more leisure purpose
Linkedin & Career Builder: Network to help establish the job markets available and potential listings
Twitter: Network and connect with those with similar interest and beneficial information]

7. Your criteria here: [My Standards]
[These criteria were set to help establish the likes/dislikes, purpose and requirements for my social media policy. I place these restrictions to help sift through the spam related content]

8. Your criteria here: [Restrictions]
[I feel it's important to state your policy for social media in order to set a standard in which there will be no violations of what you individually prefer. Be stern and implimant your Standards and Restrictions according to your personal media policy.] This policy has helped me to create a standard to live by in my social media worlds and I encourage others to set a standard as well.

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