Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wachovia: Career Opportunities

Have you ever wondered what other opportunities the Wachovia Corporation may provide outside of finances? Well, Wachovia offers a wide variety of possible careers within the company.
Below are some of the types of jobs that make up their daily operations:
Contingent, Contract, and TemporaryCorporate Administration
Customer Service
Fiduciary Management
Finance and Accounting
General Services
Human Resources
Industry Research
Information Technology
ManagementMarketing and Product Development
OperationsProject Management
Risk Management
Teller and Financial Center
Trading " (http://www.wachovia.com/inside/page/0,,137,00.html)

As a potential person of interest for the company Wachovia's website provides users a webfriendly search engine that allows for individuals to search for potential jobs "inside/outside the U.S., Campus Recruiting, Contract Employement, Calendar of Events, Benefits for those that are hired, Career development, Workplace Dversity, Hiring Process, and even interview tips." The help and encouragement that Wachovia offers has helped them as a company earn the repuatation as a great place to work. Wachovia also prides themselves "to being an inclusive company where all people are treated fairly, recognized for their individuality, promoted based on performance and encouraged to reach their full potential,"according the Wachovia Careers.

These reasons alone makes me as a soon to be Public Relations graduate want to work for the Wachovia Corporation. They have proved themselves to operate on the basis of its publics in which I admire about the company. The power of the content that Wachovia has available on its website has helped them to establish a credible reputation, as well as their proactive inlvolvement within their enviroments.

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