Monday, December 1, 2008

About Wachovia

When it comes to banking it's important to choose a company wisely. Are you currently an account holder, stockholder, stakeholder or etc with the Wachovia Corporation? Have you recently had concerns with the current transitions facing the Wachovia Corporation? If so, chances are you are one of those individuals who likes to stay current with the news at your current place of banking services. A series of blogs with the “411” or the “Scoop” about Wachovia’s transition of ownership and other news within the company may be of interest to you, but first a little about Wachovia:

Wachovia was "founded in 1879 in Winston, NC and First Union was found in 1908 in Charlotte, NC which merged on September 1, 2001 to create the Wachovia Corporation. It is considered to be the third largest U.S. full service brokerage firm, the fourth largest bank holding based on their assets, provides 21 states currently with full financial services. Furthermore, it’s considered to be the #1 financial services provider to middle market businesses in the western U.S. and a national presence in commercial banking (29 states), largest bank owned U.S. insurance brokerage Currently, Wachovia employs about 117,000 individuals. The company affects 15 million households and businesses, 16.1 million online product and service enrollments, and 5.3 million active online customers." (,,1051_2180,00.html).

The Wachovia Corporation offers the following services: "wealth management: online services, insurance services, business services, trust and philanthropic services, treasury services, update alert services, personal and business finance services along with many other services." (

Fun Fact: According to the About Wachovia section, "the name Wachovia came from the latinized form of the name Wachau, which was given to the tract of land in the Piedmont region of North Carolina settled by Moravians in 1753. The name honored the settlers' connections to the Wachau Valley along the Danube River."

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