Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wachovia and the Community

Have you ever wondered about the involvement Wachovia has within it's communities? Well if not, this blog will be a great chance to introduce you some of the current involvements the company has within its community. Wachovia has become a part of your community and has undoubtly proved themselevs with top customer service, and educational programs to better the lives of the community.

Wachovia offers:
- "a committment to the building of "strong and vibrant communities, improving quality of life, and making a positive difference where we live and work." (www.wachovia.com) "They have focus in resources and employee talents on two key priorities within the community:

Improving education

Strengthening neighborhoods

Wachovia currently invests billions of dollars in order to improve neighborhoods and expand education in the 49 states where they have a banking or brokerage presence. "

According to the Community Involvement of Wachovia, 2008 they also provide:

"Provide hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours for national and local efforts

Encourage employees to take four paid hours per month for volunteerism through our Time Away From Work for Community Service policy

Help hundreds of lower-income families achieve the dream of home ownership every week

Partner with local and regional non-profit organizations to deliver services and programs

Donate over $ 1 million a week to charity."

For those who thought that Wachovia was nothing more than a bank where you handled only financial transactions...you are highly mistaken.

Wachovia assists in improving education through the following programs:
"Reading First®
Teach For America
Teacher Development and Support
Wachovia Student Experience
Scholarships "http://www.wachovia.com/inside/page/0,,139,00.html)

In order find more information regarding the programs above, click on the hyperlink to find out more about how Wachovia is involved in its communities.

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