Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wachovia: Newsroom

When one is searching for information online about the current events within a specific company, they often look for something that is user friendly and easy to get navigate through. With Wachovia, I'd have to say that their current newsroom is extremely user friendly and organized. They provide users access to press releases dating to the year of 1997 to the present. I firmly believe that Wachovia's newsroom is highly effective as well. They provide press kits for individuals seeking information in the following categories:

"Community Media Connection
Loss Management Media Center
Wachovia Security PlusSM
Way2SaveSM ", According to the Newsroom of Wachovia.

Each of the categories provide some sort of back ground, related press releases, biographies, fact sheets and other vital information that may be seeked from specific publics. As a Public Relations practioner, I would enhance the awareness of the above categories for customers using social media outlets via Twitter, MySpace and Facebook, but treating them as indiviudal services could help with the outcome and use of these particular services. My rationale for a more enhanced awareness is the increase in social media with today's technology. Social media has become a fast growing advancement and many companies are adopting this new trend in order to have more of a prescence and reach within communities.

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